Explore The Facility

Each area of our 46,000 sq ft innovative sports facility has been designed with a player centered layout in mind. Once all construction is completed(Dec '18) the building will accommodate the following features.

Four Playing Fields:

The facility hosts two indoor turf playing spaces that can be broken down into four 5v5 fields. These four fields are offer the newest state of the art turf surface.


Parent Hangout and Viewing Area(coming soon in 2018):

Imagine being able to drop your child off at an indoor training or game, grabbing a cup of coffee or snack from our concessions and catching up on work. Our second floor viewing allows parents the ability to enjoy watching from a great vantage point.


Player's Cafeteria:

Players can take advantage of a cafeteria equipped with seating, TV's and vending machines stocked with a healthier drink and snack option.


Strength and Conditioning Gym (Williams Training Sports):

Williams Sports Training is unlike any other sports facility out there. By the use of well known strength and conditioning coach Mark Williams’ conjugate method, our athletes develop strength, speed, and explosive power in a safe and fun environment from middle school athletes to the pros.

Williams Sport Training (WST) is a sport specific training facility that integrates functional movements to specific sports. WST focuses on developing the complete athlete. In every sport it is critical to improve and develop speed over 5-10 yards. This first quick step can be the difference between beating a competitor to a loose ball, getting to a rebound or making a strong defensive play. In our training at WST, we can make an athlete faster by developing the necessary speed and power it takes to move in a small space. SEE MORE


Classrooms and Meeting Room(coming soon in 2018):


Get Involved

Do you have a product or service that you’d like to align with the facility and Top Corner Sports? We would love to connect with you. Thousands of players and their families will be rotating through the facility week, and our goal is to offer them with a valuable experience. Your business idea could help us provide the ultimate sports facility.

Let us know about your partnership idea! We’ll happy to provide tours to those interested in learning more about the facility.

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