FAQ’s and Policies

We want to provide you the most professional, safe and customer-friendly service as possible here at Top Corner Sports.

Please review our facility’s Frequently Asked Questions and Policies below…

TCS FAQ’s & Policies:

TCS will happily pro-rate a Session, Program & Camp if you would like to join a session that is already in progress. You will be charged for the remaining number of classes/days left in the session.

  • Rental fees will be paid prior to field/cage use.
  • Refunds for tardiness will not be provided.
  • Pre-Payments & deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. However, with timely notice, we will allow your club/organizations to use these funds towards future bookings.
  • Teams/groups will enter and exit the playing surface at the correct start and finish time.

Yes. Each person taking part in any program or activity at TCS must complete a waiver before participating. Waivers can be printed HERE.

Over the last few years a lot of information has come out on concussions, and TCS has taken steps to insure the safety of our customers. It is our goal to recognize symptoms of a concussion and act accordingly. All TCS Management, Coaches and Staff will be certified by either the NFHS Concussion Training course or the HEADS UP to Youth Sports Training course.

All TCS Management, Coaches and Staff will be trained and certified by the US Center of Safe Sports and TCS child protection program. See here for the TCS code of conduct