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​TCS’ Performance & Fitness

TCS' Performance & Fitness is a training facility inside Top Corner Sports, Bridgewater NJ. It offers a wide variety of programs for athletes of all ages, sports and developmental skill levels, for fitness enthusiasts and for individuals who are looking to make a difference to their long-term health and fitness goals.

Building Blocks - Middle School and High School

Building a stronger, faster, more agile athlete from the ground up!! The Building Blocks class for those looking to develop an understand for strength/speed movements and body awareness.

Individualized programing for each athlete will incorporate fundamental movement patterns , as well as body weight exercises and core to develop Explosiveness ,Speed, strength , and stability to build a performance foundation .

This class is great for anyone who has minimal strength training experience, incorporating a safe, fun, group environment. Athletes will also be educated on movement, nutrition, recovery, and injury prevention.

Classes will be comprised of 8-10 athletes in (Middle School 10-13) and (High School 14-18) aged groups.


  • March 9 to May 2


  • $199 (1 Day per week) - For the busy, in season athlete looking to get 1 day of focuses training off the field
  • $399 (2 Day per week) - For the out of season athlete that doing weekly team training for specific sport


  • Monday - (HS) 5:00-6:00 pm - (MS) 6:00-7:00
  • Wednesday - (HS) 5:00-6:00 pm - (MS) 6:00-7:00
  • Thursday -(HS) 5:00-6:00 pm - (MS) 6:00-7:00
  • Saturday - (HS) 10:00-11:00 am - (MS) 9:00-10:00 am

Middle School Athlete Registration

High School Athlete Registration

Private Team Training-

Try Something differnt this off Season with TCS Team Sports Preformance program this off season.

  • Create a custom workout plan with TCS Coaching staff for what your players need.
  • Speed/agility/strenght sport specific programming with TCS Coaching Staff.
  • Teams will come to the facility and have their speed, power, and strength program for their own blocked off time.
  • For Pricing, Inquire or call 908-722-3311. ASK for Coach Ricky

Adult Fitness Classes

Can’t find time to squeeze your workouts in because of work and practices to tend to? Then this is the class for you. While you bring your child to practice here at TCS, you can now enroll in our Adult Strength and conditioning classes offered throughout the week. Each Adult will have a full program to follow created by Coach Ricky, and will be training in a semi private environment. Adults will come in to work and leave feeling & looking great, and most importantly work up a good sweat.

****Class and program options coming very soon.....if you want to be added to our mailing list please email or 908 722 3311.