Play4Mance Sports

Play4mance SportsBringing sports back to the way they should be! These weeks provide a Fun, Exciting, and Unique program created to give children (3-7 years old) the opportunity to fall in love with sports and learn the fundamentals of the games.

Each fun-filled class will be packed with age appropriate games, skill building activities, and drills that will introduce children to sports such as baseballfootball, and soccer.

Our Play4Mance sports coaches really connect with children and are excellent at capturing their imagination and keeping their attention.

Their knowledge, energy and enthusiasm are three qualities that Play4Mance Sports coaches have in abundance. This plays a critical part in creating the unique atmosphere in our classes and camps.

Our coaches also undergo full Background Checks, Child Protection and Sexual Abuse Awareness Training.

The PLAY…The 4…and the MANCE:

  • Bringing sports back to the way it should be – Age-appropriate PLAY and social skills building.
  • Our programs are 4 them! “player centered” coaching.
  • The perforMANCE– teaching youth athletes the importance of fundamental sports skills, as well, coordination, balance, and movement.

Extra Information:

Children will receive a P4M T-Shirt free of charge, once per year when they are enrolled in our program.

Email or Call 908 722 3333 For refund, weather and other TCS policies.