The 5v5occer Program - 6-10yrs (Winter 18-19)

The 5v5occer Program: This program(Small sided 5v5 training environment) is an accelerated progression of our Play4mance program. Players aged 6-10 years old are exposed to a focused and challenging training environment on both technical and tactical aspects.

"The perfect supplemental training option to your team training"

This program is a supplementary program that provides an additional training option outside the players normal team practice and games.

The 5V5occer Program is a “player centered” environment that allows children to excel in the following areas; on-ball confidence, decision making, ownership, problem solving and understand positions, roles and responsibilities. These skills are worked on in a fast pace developmental setting. Each season will included a "Festival Play" tournament environment. Two levels offered:

Level 1: 6-9yrs

Level 2: 7-10yrs(*This level is by invitation only, with players being recommended by TCS professional staff.)

(All Classes are 1 hour):

Season 2: Starting February 2nd 1st - March 28th

· Saturday Classes

  • 9:00am - Level 2 (7-10 year olds)- based on skill *see above
  • 10:00am - Level 1 (6-10 year olds) - based on skill

· Tuesday Classes

  • 5:30 pm - Level 1 (6-8 year olds) based on skill
  • 6.30pm- Level 2 (7-10 year olds) based on skill *see above

-Wednesday Classes

  • 6.30pm- Level 2 (7-10 year olds) based on skill *see above
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