So why Play4mance @ Top Corner Sports?


So why Play4mance @ Top Corner Sports?

Top Corner Sports is brand new facility and Play4mance is a new program, but we are far from new to the industry. Our coaches and management have been coaching and teaching sports for multiple years.

How do I know what pre-school/toddler program is best for my child?


Choosing a program can be a confusing process. There can be many child developmental programs to choose from; all claiming that they do X, Y and Z better than the others or they claim they have the area’s only "this-or-that" program, etc.

So how do you know where to set roots and grow?

Here are some hints and advice that will help you make the choice. If you were entering your child in a private school you would ask questions of that School.

We feel it doesn’t change with an youth sports environment. Below are some questions we feel that you should ask of any program, including ours. (Top Corner Sports)

Is the environment the right environment for my child?

  1. What is the experience, qualifications and background of the instructors? All Top Corner Sports/Play4Mance instructors come from either a coaching or child development/education background. While we accept some High School/College age staff who want to learn and gain experience for their futures working within a child development/coaching environment, classes are lead by a coaching staff with the highest qualifications and experience levels in the area. SEE OUR BIOS BELOW.
  2. Is there a curriculum/threshold/long term plan? Play4mance Sports program has been developed from years of experience with working with the youngest(3-4 years old) to the highest level (high school/college) athtletes. Having the knowledge of the specific sports skills as well as the fine motor/and coginitve skills need to be successful in sports on and off the field of play is key.
  3. Does the facility experience high turnover with its staff? Does it change every year or do they have a staff that is loyal and helping the program grow? At Top Corner Sports, the overall objective from day one was to put together a coaching staff that has a passion to teach and develop children of all skill and age.

What are the benefits of starting my child off in a Play4Mance sports class or camp? With the advancement of technology as parents it is becoming very difficult in disconnecting our children from the TV, video games and iPad. Providing your child with a positive and success driven sports program not only gives them an outlet to physically “play” in a structured sports program, but will also provide motivation to play more while not in class. When a child is taught a skill as simple as dribbling a soccer ball or hitting a ball and see the success in that skill they are more willing to continue to want more. Play4Mance Sports coaches understand the importance in providing this type of environment, leaving every child wanting more at the end of the session.

Hopefully this will give you some insight in choosing a program for you child. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact Dan Leary 908 722 3333

Coaching Staff:


Team Mates

Top Corner Sports is a community focused facility. Connecting with the local community is a priority, see below for our "Team Mates":

PDA(Players Development Academy): We are excited to announce that we have entered a relationship with the Players Development Academy and see a very promising future with the club.

Top Corner will offer year-round training, leagues, tournaments and camps. TCS will offer supplemental training for PDA’s boys and girls programs. PDA will have the use of TCS state-of-the-art indoor facility and other services.

Dan Adams of Top Corner Sports commented, “As a NEW facility we are very excited to form an alliance of this magnitude with PDA. Top Corner Sports will strive to forge a long and quality relationship with PDA and its members."

Joint comment from Sam Nellins and Mike O'Neill: "Given TCS's proximity to our Zarephath facility this will be the perfect opportunity for our players and staff to utilize the very impressive TCS space and other amenities that are being put in place. We are very happy this partnership came our way."

William Sports Training: We are also excited to announce that Williams Sports Training will open its 2nd location inside Top Corner Sports. Williams Sport Training – Bridgewater will have a state of the art strength training facility as well as two turf areas for speed work and group and individualized sessions. Williams Sport Training offers strength training for individuals and groups, as well as team training and has a comprehensive speed program which uses the soccer ball in all of its sessions, designed specifically to reinforce technical skills. Williams Sport Training offers flexible scheduling options including drop-in sessions, personal training, second phase rehab and unlimited monthly programs to meet your busy schedule. Mark Williams, owner and president, has worked with the Player Development Academy for over 8 years as Fitness Director and is excited, along with his staff, to bring that level of training to all athletes who walk through Top Corner Sport’s doors. @williamssport #williamssport

Scholar Athletes Leadership Academy: (SALA) has launched a private, academic school at Top Corner Sports in Bridgewater, NJ for the 2018-2019 academic year! SALA welcomes both male and female scholar athletes in the middle and high school grades. SALA’s educational ethos is one of self-directed learning, affording students the opportunity to work at their own pace while enjoying high-level training sessions twice a day to accelerate development. SALA’s blended program of study infuses traditional teacher-led delivery with a fully-accredited online program of study, resulting in a personalized work-flow that speeds up or slows down according to academic attainment. The precision, purpose and developmental acceleration that this provides for aspiring athletes uniquely prepares them for a best-fit college or professional career. Our leadership academy is club-neutral, encouraging all scholar-athletes to continue representing their club with pride. Our current scholar-athletes love the outlet and benefits of attending a fully-accredited, innovative school for talented young people who are seeking more than a traditional educational pathway.

Official Training Partners- Our "Team Mates":

Bridgewater Soccer Academy I Readington/Tewksbury Baseball(RTJBL) I Branchburg Intown Rec I Full Count Baseball I Pluckemin Church Pre-School I

To learn how you can become a partner of the Top Corner Sports, please call 908 722 3333 or email us at