Top Corner “TOCA”

The TOCA (Means “Touch”) machine precisely delivers balls at specified speeds, locations, and trajectories for an accelerated training experience.

  • Increases game-related to touches
  • Improves weaker foot technique
  • Develops control of flighted balls
  • Minimizes time between touches
  • Creates a mistake friendly environment

Perfecting your 1st First Touch: A good first touch is the foundation of every skill in soccer.

  • Simplifies decision-making
  • Builds control that is essential to playing away from pressure
  • Advances coordination, balance and technique
  • Develops ability to play with the head up

Training with the TOCA smaller ball:

  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Generates less wear and tear on the body
  • Creates technical challenge due to smaller sweet spot

  • The TOCA Trainer’s range of height is 0-45 degrees and the machine can deliver balls up to 50mph. The trainer is easily controlled from a Top Corner Smart Device which makes it easy for an individual’s experience.
  • The TOCA Ball is custom designed to be lighter and smaller than a standard soccer ball. The TOCA Ball is size 2(standard soccer balls are size 3, 4 or 5), and weighs almost half as much as a standard soccer ball.

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Below are the standard rates for a 45 minute session, which amounts to an average of 250 ball touches

Single TOCA Session $80
4-Session Package $280
8-Session Package $520

For more information and demosspecial group and team training rates, contact

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For more information and demosspecial group and team training rates, contact

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***IMPORTANT***Top Corner Sports is a facility which services mostly children, so health and safety are always our number one priority. As such, we need to set forth some new guidelines as we move into the winter season. Starting December 1, 2021: ONLY players, trainers and coaches will be allowed in the facility. Parents will not be able to access the building during their child’s practice or session.

Read our COVID info for more details.

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