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Athletic development for children ages 3-6 is extremely important, and something that should not be overlooked. Young children are like sponges in that they absorb new content quickly.The techniques that they learn at a young age become the foundation for them as they grow into more mature and skilled athletes.

Choosing a sports program for you child is no different then choosing a preschool or educational setting. You must think about all of the aspects of a program including the social, teaching model, and staff experience in order to get the most for your child.

Not all “child development sports classes” focus on how the 3-6 age group can “Learn” and “Develop” important skills that will greatly improve their ability to see consistent success on the field or court. Success can be defined in many ways. It can be dribbling a soccer ball without losing control, or hitting a baseball from a pitch. These small victories for a child can keep a child more engaged in the game , and ensure they are having fun while becoming a better athlete. Therefore, it is important to find a coach who can celebrate the accomplishments of players at every level and continue to move them forward in their individual development.

Whether you are new to the game or have been involved in other programs, please look at the following blog series to find out great questions to ask organizers/coaches before you pay for an 8 to 10-week class.

5 Questions to ask before considering a Child Development Class or Program

  1. What experience or qualifications does the staff/coaches have?
  2. Is the program curriculum based or Player Centered Learning?
  3. What is the progression progress of the program?
  4. Program views on specialization of a sports?
  5. Cost and commitment level of a program?

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