@ home accelerated workout Library:

As sports practices, games, and workouts have been canceled across the country, Top Corner Sports‘ Performance & Fitness is here to help!

We are offering @ home workouts where you can “Pick n Mix” from various exercises to fit you own personal fitness needs. Athletes/individuals can choose from the below chart and modify the activities as needed to create a complete at home workout.

We will also be emailing out sports specific plans, stay tuned!

For example: to create a 20 min work up: Pick 2 CORE and 3 SPEED and 2 POWER exercises from our library below…Scroll down to see…

TCS Performance & Fitness Library:

Core Exercises:

1) Keep your body in a straight line and don’t let your belly button drop towards the ground.
2) Drive forearms into the ground hard.
Shoulder Taps
1) Start in the “up “ position of a push-up. Widen your feet, more than shoulder width apart so that you have a nice wide base.
2) While keeping you body as still as possible take a hand and tap opposite side shoulder and repeat.
Side Plank:
1) Lay on your side and stack your legs on top of each other, and your shoulder over your elbow. 2) Drive elbow into ground and bring your hips up to make your body into straight line.
3) Don’t let hips drop towards the ground.
Bear Crawl:
1) Start on the ground with your hands underneath your shoulders , and knees under your hips.
2) Bring knees a few inches off the ground, and take small steps forward. Opposite hand and foot. 3) Avoid swaying hips and try to keep them as stable as possible.

Explosive Exercises(Power):

Forward Skips
1) Drive elbows up aggressively and skip forward.
2) Try and get as vertically in the air as possible while driving feet hard into the ground with each switch of the arms.
Split Squat Jumps
1) Start in a split stance, with front leg bent 90 degrees. Explode and jump up,
2) Switch arms and legs and stick the landing. Reset and repeat.
Pogo Hops
1) Start standing with Feet Together and arms at the side. Using your arms to throw yourself up into the air, and land of the balls of the feet and repeat.
2) Legs should be only slightly bent here and the goal is to be as bouncy as possible, like a pogo stick.
Power Shuffles
Lateral Bounds
1) Start on one leg, explode up and out diagonally onto the opposite leg and repeat.
2) Try to spend as least amount of time as possible on the ground. Think about loading and exploding out of each leg.

Explosive Exercises(Speed):

Jog-in Sprints
1) Start with a jog for 5 yards and transition into a 10yd sprint.
2) On the sprint attack the ground by striking down and back and aggressively pump arms.
Lateral Starts
1) Start with feet slightly more than shoulder width apart. Turn and sprint 10yd.
2) Focus on drive arms up fast.
Falling 10yd sprints
1) Start with arms out and extended to the side and feet together. Let yourself tip over and as you stop the fall, aggressively pump your arms in break into the sprint.
1/2 Kneeling starts
1) Start on one knee. Explode up and forward and sprint to 10yd.
2) Think about projecting yourself like a missile.

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