Week 1 – Adult Fitness

Workout A:

A1: Bodyweight Squat x15- Feel Big toe , pinky toe, Heel into the ground. Sit as straight down as possible, let the knees come over toes while staying on your heels, and stand up. You can Hold a back pack, water jug,etc to add some extra resistance.

A2: Pushups x10 – Keep Belly button from falling to the ground(squeeze abs) , hands underneath shoulders, and pushup through all the way emphasizing pushing through the edge of the thumbs .

A3: High Plank with Knee Drive x5ea- High planks are like the up position of a pushup. Keep Hips leveled and slowly bring one knee towards your chest. Exhale for 3-5 seconds, and then switch leg.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and try and complete as many rounds as possible.

B1 : Deadbugs x8 ea ( Lay on the ground with lower back flat against the floor. Bring legs bent up to a 90 degree position and reach arms up toward the ceiling. Exhale and extend one leg forward as well as the opposite arm. Bring back to starting position, and switch.

B2: Plank- 30 seconds – Hips tight , push forearms into ground, and focus on long full Breaths.

B3: Side plank (right side 30 sec)- keep hips from dropping downward. You can also regress these to start with knees on the ground as well.

B4: Side Plank ( Left Side 30 sec)

Repeat for 3-5 Rounds, Rest 90 seconds between rounds.

Workout B

A1: High Knees in place ( Drive arms fast , drive knees up , stay on the balls of the feet)

A2:  Mountain climbers (Controlled switches of each leg )

A3: Hip Bridges ( Lay on the ground with Legs bent and feet pushing into the ground, pull hips up, lower and repeat)

30 seconds on/30 seconds Rest. Repeat for 10 Rounds

Workout C

A1: Pushup to shoulder tap x8ea- Do a pushup, after you come up take your hand and tap opposite shoulder, and then back down to push up. Keep the base of your feet wide so that you can keep your hips stable and prevent wobbling.

A2: Reverse Lunges x10 ea – Keep arms out in front to balance. Take a step back and bring knee down towards the ground while keep weight heavy on front leg, come back up and switch.

A3: Bearcrawl x x5 steps each side – Start in a quadruped position on the ground ( all 4’s) slightly bring your knees up about 5 inches off the ground. Take nice small steps , opposite hand, opposite foot while keeping this knees stacked under hip and hands under the shoulders. Repeat for 6 Rounds, Rest 60 Seconds Between Round

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