Week 1 – Youth Workouts

A) Speed

  1. Skips for distance- Driveway Length x5 Rounds. (Try and skip down the driveway in as few skips as possible. Think about big projection Forward.
  2. Pogo Hops 3×5(Driveway Length) Feet together, bounce of the balls of the feet. Think about getting height and floating forward , like a spring.

A) Strength

A1: Bodyweight Tempo Squat x10 ( 2 seconds down, 2 seconds up)- Big toe, pinky toe, Heel on the ground. Sit as straight down as possible, while keeping your weight on your heels.

A2: Tempo Pushup (2 seconds down, 2 seconds up ) x10 – hands underneath shoulders, keep belly button back from hitting the ground, push through the ground with the  edge of the thumbs on the way up.

A3: Plank -30 seconds (Belly button tight, forearms pressed hard into the ground)

Repeat for 3-5 Rounds

B) Speed:

  1. Lateral Skips- Start by skipping in places, and then push off the back foot to go sideways (Driveway). You can slow it down by sideways marching first.
  2. Side to side Hops- start on one leg, jump up and over to land on the opposite leg x5 ea
  3. Lateral Power shuffles – Driveway x5ea (Get down into an athletic stance , and move sideways down the driveway as fast possible without crossing your feet. The goal is to clear as much distance as you can, in as few steps as possible)
  4. Walk Outside 30 min.

C) Speed:

  1. Forward Skips (Driveway)- big arm motions moving from cheek to cheek. Drive balls of the feet into the ground, pushing the ground down and behind on each skip. X5
  2. High Knees- Down the Driveway, Fast arm movements, fast switches of the feet x5
  3. ½ Kneeling Sprints x5 – Get down on one knee, and take off to sprint. Think about propelling forward and driving arms fast while punching the ground down and back. Rest 90 seconds between sprints.

C) Strength:

A1: Hip Bridge x 12  ( Lay on your back with your legs bent and bottoms of the feet on the ground. Reach up with your arms and drive your feet into the ground while pulling your hips up. Lower hips back down and repeat again.

A2: Shoulder taps x8 ea – Create a wide base with your feet , keep belly button tight and tap shoulder with opposite side hand. Try to avoid letting your hips move.

A3: Split Squats x10 ea- Stagger Feet, Bring back knee towards to ground while staying heavy on the front leg. Push from the Heel while coming back up.

A4: Bear Crawl- Forward 5 on each leg, keep hips steady facing the ground.

Repeat for 5 Rounds

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