Working on your Soccer game at home

Working on your Soccer game at home.

It’s very refreshing to see the amount of online soccer video & content out there!

Some advice: If you’re doing any technical work at home, here are some things to keep in mind. The most important aspect is the amount of pressure that is placed on the task. Technical work ONLY becomes a SKILL when it is performed under the RIGHT amount of pressure. Although It is difficult to replicate the actual game at home (speed and conditions etc.), there are some things you can do to achieve a more intense environment with a better work out: ·Limit the amount of TIME you have to do the task ·Executing the skills within a tighter SPACE. ·Adding SELF-COMPETITION (try keeping score and bettering it each time)

You know you’re hitting the right level of pressure, if there is technical breakdown and mistakes.

Keep working on your game!

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