ACL Tear is a common injury you will see in sports such as soccer. constantly changing direction, decelerating, and reaccelerating, Can add excess torque and stress to the knee which often leads to a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament. Here at TCS, we have developed a program to help guide you from the PT table back to the field playing the sport you love.

Our program is based off a comprehensive movement screen , followed by 4 phases:

Phase 1: declaration focused, learning how to absorb force, pump the brakes, and regaining some of the lost muscle mass.

Phase 2: implementation of low level jumping , developing elasticity requirements needed for changing direction , sprinting and jumping .

Phase 3: reactive speed and change of direction at high velocities , developing power and maximizing strength potential.

Phase 4: sport specific training implementing; game conditioning, skill/technical refreshment and TCS’ “ready for contact” program.

Note: you MUST receive clearance from Physical Therapist before being eligible to participate.

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